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1001 W. 45th St
Chicago, IL 60609




Great food comes from the family.

Contact Us to inquire about products and pricing: 773-376-8280 or
About Us
New S.B.L. is one of the largest poultry and meat processors and wholesalers in the Chicagoland area. When you work with us, we treat you like family and we work our hardest to make sure our customers get exactly the product they want and need.
We began in 2011, as a U.S.D.A.-inspected poultry wholesaler, selling to local distribution companies in Chicago, IL. What started out as a 5-man operation has now grown many times since to a team of dozens . We process and sell egg rolls, general tso's chicken, sweet & sour chicken, dumplings, and dim sum and the freshest meats, primarily chicken. Our mission has always been to simply provide the freshest food at the best quality, and at prices that consistently outmatch our peers.
Unlike nearly all of our competitors in the Chicago area, we have always been and will remain a 100% independently owned and run business. Our only shareholders are the customers we work every single day to serve and provide for.